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Tips on How to sell iPhone 5s at the Best Price Possible

With the rumors that Apple is likely to launch a new iPhone 7 in September 2016, you might want to sell iPhone 5s so that you can be among the first persons to purchase this device. It is important to note that waiting longer before you sell your iphone might see you sell it at low prices. It is a common phenomenon that prices of older iPhones drop drastically whenever Apple announces the release of a new model. This trend continues over time with a sharp decline recorded once the new iPhone model hits the market. As such, it is highly advisable that you move quickly and sell your iPhone 5s if you have already made the decision to sell this device.

Determine the condition of your iPhone 5s

Before you present your device for sale to prospective buyers, it is important that you evaluate it carefully to determine its condition. This is very important because the condition of your iPhone 5s will determine the price that you ask for it. In most cases, buyers will be attracted to nice looking iPhone 5s. They will also be willing to pay more for the device if it looks good in photos. Perhaps, this is because it indicates that you have taken good care of the iPhone. Therefore, take time to evaluate your device to determine its condition before you offer it for sale.

Present your iPhone 5s properly

Most buyers want to know and understand the condition of the device that they are buying. Therefore, how you present your iPhone 5s will greatly influence the interest of prospective buyers in your device. As such, it is important that you come up with an impressive description of your iPhone 5s. Make the description more compelling to prospects by including the latest photos of your iPhone. Use a soft cloth to clean the iPhone before you take photos. Make sure that your description captures the attention and interest of prospective buyers. Nevertheless, be honest with prospects in regards to the condition of your device. If it has scratches, do not hide them.

Set a reasonable price

Remember that there are other sellers of iPhone 5s and if you are not careful when setting the price of your iPhone 5s, you will end up not finding a buyer of your device. Therefore, take time to compare the prices that others are asking for their devices. Look for used devices of the same models and if possible, same condition and compare their prices. This will enable you to determine the most reasonable price to ask for your device. If you set an extremely low price, prospects will doubt your deal. However, if you set a very high price, you will turn prospective buyers away. Therefore, take time to determine the most ideal price to ask for your used iPhone 5s.

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